Meditation Course

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From Kirit’s mail:

The overall plan is to first fully and in detail discuss matters related to the Sadhana and lessons. I will take step by step approach and logically present the details of the practice, the purpose of the process, and psychology involved. I do not know how long that may take. But, the whole thing will be discussed in the backdrop of Ashtanga Yoga… i.e. how Ashtanga Yoga is applied in our sadhana lessons. Then my plan is to teach some important topics from the Krishna book. This book is a jewel of a book and very significant in developing devotional psychology of the aspirant. This will create a force in your sadhana. But of course you must know the sadhana process well first. After that, other relevant topics from Idea and ideology, and other books may be taken upon in order to prepare you not only for your sadhana but also so that you can satisfy the intellectual curiosity and questions that you often hear from people who have studied but not practiced the meditation. This is a long way away for now.